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DB Max is Africas leading Fibreglass Kiosk manufacturer and a sister company to The Fibreglass Shop. DB Max was created to specialize in Non Electrical products. DB Max was started around 50 years ago from humble beginning to a company that now operates out of a 4000 meter square factory and manufacturing facility in East London , South Africa. Our facility includes a pattern shop , fibreglass mould making shop , full fiberglass production area , including Spray gelcoater and chopper guns. A full sheet metal and boiler maker shop and  powder coating plant compliments our production capabilities. We  focus on 3 main fields mailnly being fibreglass kiosks and guard houses , Fibreglass promotional trailers and Fibreglass Aquaculture tanks & filters.

Our Fibreglass Kiosk & Product Range

We have an extensive range of Fibreglass Street kiosks and modular buildings. Feel free to check out some of our fibreglass kiosk models HERE These are manufactured in kit form for shipping or trucking around the world. Used primarily for Mobile money in the African market.

We have been manufacturing  Fibreglass promotional trailers for over 30 years. We offer a standard range of trailers for the beverage and franchise industry. We also manufacture bespoke once off custom advertising trailers if needed. We manufacture our trailers completely inhouse , including spray painting and printing digital decal artwork. We are an SABS approved trailer manufacturer.

Our Aquaculture range and experience started with the manufacture and supply of 380 x 10 000 liter Abelone tanks. WE designed and manufactured tanks and filters for a 16 ton / month Tilapia farm in German. A Tilapia farm in Russia , and most recently a brood stock facility for the Government of the Seychelles. We design and manufacture tanks and filters in kit form , for shipping worldwide. An international crew travels to site for assembly and tank lining.

With Cad Cam software and Robotic machining capabilities we are experienced and equiped to design and manufacture your next fiberglass composite product. Bring us your idea / problem and we can help you find the best solution. Please feel free to check out our partners website HERE. You can also follow us on Social media HERE




DB Max - home of the fibreglass kiosks and promotional trailers

DBMax’s fibreglass kiosks and promotional trailers are transforming the lives and landscape of Africa. Our easily recognisable kiosks are creating at least 5 jobs per person. Each kiosk is helping pull African’s out of poverty to be included in the economic environment, one by one. Our kiosks help the movement of money from person to person, making the lives of people easier. We are helping the financial inclusion of the unbanked. Our vision is to build on what we have been working on for over 10 years and help Africa become a better place through our kiosks. Our units are well suited for projects such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Programme as they are truely multi purpose.

Fibreglass Kiosk’s and Promotional Trailers – Tools for the Entrepreneur

Our promotional trailers (See them HERE) take street vending and mobile food to the people. Each trailer is creating more employment and entrepreneurship. Each trailer is bringing more product to the people. Each trailer is bringing joy to more and and more people. DBMax is changing lives!! We will continue on this journey and we encourage you to join us.

The Worlds wild fish stocks have been halved. More fish is now being farmed than caught in the wild. Aquaculture is the solution. The team at DBMax is passionate about helping build fish farm tanks and filters for the aquaculture industry. We travel the world the help our clients with the best quality solutions. We will carry on building on our vision to create a better world.

DB Max - fibreglass kiosks and promotional trailers